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“Wrinkles and Scars” —by Tony Spataro

all pictures by Tony Spataro


“Wrinkles and Scars” —by Tony Spataro

Walk by anyone on the sidewalk and you get a quick idea of what that person may be like just from how they compose themselves. Get closer and see the wrinkles and the scars on the skin. See, perhaps a tear or a quiver of the lip. Watch fidgeting hands. All of this begins to show a deeper emotion. All this shows who that person really is or what they may be going through.  Same goes for mountains, as they create beautiful landscapes, but the closer you get the more cracks and blemishes appear. I enjoy exploring mountains and canyons this way, telling the real story, for it’s the cracks and blemishes that really makes us who we are.

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Tony Spataro is an artist who works in a variety of mediums. Born in a small town of northern Indiana, he moved to Indianapolis in 1998. He graduated from Saint Francis College (now University of Saint Francis) with a degree in fine and commercial art in ’98. He is currently the Creative Director for the Indiana Chamber and Owner of an independent design firm, Top Five Creative ( He’s recently helped the Chamber start their new podcast, EchoChamber. Tony is married with two very creative kids and lives on the northeast side of Indy. You can view all his art work on Facebook (

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