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More Sheik Than Sheik


More Sheik Than Sheik

Down goes Omarosa, Alabama Senate results, Republican infighting, listener questions, and sheik tweets with a twist.

Bryan asks, Which of these is the biggest problem in politics: social media, religion, or campaign finance?

Patrick asks, Draining the swamp is a laudable goal. Filling the reclaimed swampland is what will matter in the future. What impact will the recent firestorm of sexual harassment allegations have on candidates and the makeup of Congress in future generations?

Ben asks, How is failed former MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm a political commentator?  AL US Sen – Bannon’s have consequences. When are folks gonna learn? Does it get more peak Roy Moore than hiding behind staff & not conceding? If God is in control, & Moore ends up losing, is he going to accept the outcome as…

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