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Just a Touch of Blue–Julia Wickes

painting by Julia Wickes


Just a Touch of Blue–Julia Wickes

Have you considered how your response to certain types of music leads to the style of fine art you are attracted to?  

“Just a Touch of Blue” – my response to the recording by Joshua Bell and Carel Kaayenhoff of “Il Postino.”  

Julia Zollman Wickes

Julia Zollman Wickes is a painter of people–a Narrative and Figurative painter.  A native of southern Indiana, she graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Education in 1971 and graduated from Herron School of Art and Design–IUPUI with a degree in painting and minor in Art History in 2002.  Julia has been married to Jack Wickes for 44 years and they have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.  Wickes lives and works in downtown Indianapolis.  You may view her work at

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