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Family Choice Surrogacy opening in Indianapolis


Family Choice Surrogacy opening in Indianapolis

According to, approximately one in eight couples will suffer from infertility of some kind. We are one of them.

As a sufferer of endometriosis, I was told at the young age of 26 that I could have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. When I got pregnant within the first six months of our marriage, I thought maybe I wouldn’t fall into that awful statistic.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

Our doctors took us down the road of in-vitro fertilization, but to no avail. So, I began researching all of our options, which included adoption and surrogacy. Together, my husband and I decided to move forward with a surrogacy agency located in Illinois. We actually had chosen a surrogate we found through the agency and were going to confirm the next day, when I received a magical email in the middle of the night.

We felt fate stepped in when I received an email from a friend saying she wanted to be our surrogate. She already had all of the necessary discussions with her family. She was ready if we were.

We were ready. We did it. And, on the third try we witnessed a miracle and our twin sons were born.

It sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? Far-fetched even. And in our case, it was.

Since our journey, more and more families have been conquering their infertility through surrogacy. The growing trend has been led by famous people such as Kelsey Grammer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elton John and Jimmy Fallon, to name a few.

Just because something becomes popular does not mean that it’s easy to navigate. And that is why the first thing we did was hire an attorney. Harden Jackson Law firm helped us through the next level of the infertility world that we knew nothing about. There were so many details of an intended parent(s)/surrogate relationship which needed to be discussed and put in writing before we could begin the process. We needed help, and Harden Jackson walked us through all the details.

It was at that time when I first met Leah Potter. She was the Director of Business Development at Harden Jackson and was so vibrant and passionate, we hit it off immediately and stayed in touch since then.

Recently, she reached out to me to ask me to be a mentor for her new venture. When I found out that her new endeavor was a local surrogate agency, my excitement grew. A reputable surrogate agency was hard to find in Indiana when we needed one, as this is very much an emerging trend in Indiana.

When Leah called me to ask me to be a mentor of her new organization Family Choice Surrogacy, I asked her what made her decide to move forward with this.

She told me:

“After helping families navigate the complicated world of assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy from the legal perspective, I found there was a lack of services to assist matching gestational surrogates with individuals and couples to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents. Indiana has long been considered not to be a surrogacy-friendly state, when the fact is, surrogacy has been happening in Indiana for many years and the state has set a precedent that it is very conducive to successful gestational surrogacy arrangements. It would be an honor for me to help our clients build their families through surrogacy.”

The grand opening of Family Choice is Sunday, October 15. October is Infant Loss and Awareness month and “it seemed to be very fitting for the opening of our Agency,” said Leah.

When I asked Leah to share with me the details and goals of her new venture, her eyes lit up and she jumped right in!

“Our mission at Family Choice is to help families around the globe achieve their dream of parenthood through gestational surrogacy.  We are a full-service, boutique agency that is able to navigate intended parents and surrogates every step of the way of the surrogacy journey. We offer an unmatched level of insight and support to our clients.”

Family Choice’s leadership consists of over fifteen years of combined experience as reproductive technology professionals, a rare quality in such an emerging and innovative area. Their years of combined experience allows for them to provide an advanced level of service to clients.

In addition, Family Choice has created a proprietary matching system, called Perfect Choice, that will best match the goals and outcomes of both the intended parent(s) and the surrogate.  This allows for more successful matches and alleviates some of the legal negotiations and philosophical differences that can potentially break down a match relationship later in the journey.

The agency has also created an advisory council which will routinely collaborate with local industry professionals to advocate, advise and educate on the ever-changing world of assisted reproduction and surrogacy.

“My passion for helping families, sparked by my own infertility experience, has ultimately led me to create this agency.  We believe it will provide hope to those who feel like they don’t have options to build their families. We can’t wait to share this with the world.”

And for me, a woman who has utilized a surrogate to have children, I’m excited too! Maybe, through this agency, I will be able to give back a little for a gift that is like no other.


*Family Choice Surrogacy
12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038

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Sandhya is a wife and mother of twin boys (4) and little girl (3), first. She also goes by author, writer, caregiver, and the family-glue for her village. She's a dreamer, a soul-catcher, lover of words, an empath and wanderer searching for lost souls, all while craving culture and diversity to bring everyone together. She is author of the book, When It's Not As Simple As The Birds And The Bees: Finding Hope While Dealing With Infertility.  She enjoys writing poetry and has been published numerous times, as well as being a two time award winning poet.  She's dabbled as a songwriter, but leaves that to the pros. Stay tuned, you will see all of it here.

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